Treatment Areas

Brisbane Psychologist

As a Clinical Psychologist, Reuben offers evidence based approaches and strategies. This means that the approaches used are based on clinical research supporting their effectiveness.

Evidence based | Practical | Outcomes


Individuals and families see psychologists throughout many stages of life for a range of reasons. This could be to seek support through challenging times or to better manage unwanted thoughts, feelings or behaviours. 

Reuben can work with you to understand your situation and develop clear goals that you would like to achieve as part of your treatment. Along the way, Reuben will track your progress to make sure you are moving in the right direction.

Interest Areas


Children and adolescents

Management of a range of childhood challenges and disorders from anxiety through to Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Men's health 

Reuben works with a range of health issues commonly affecting men.


The interplay between mental and physical health

From adjusting to an initial medical diagnosis, pain management, working through emotional difficulties getting in the way of medical treatment, mental health concerns arising from medical treatment and functional disorders.